Selfless design for people not technology

Technology is evilI spent more than 8 years in the advertising industry being part of an ever maturing ‘digital’ discipline. There’s an overwhelming need for digital expertise and know-how in the industry and my greatest fear, and from what I’ve seen, is that technology is becoming the ‘big idea’ rather than the potential solutions we could create. The bandwagon has become very crowded as of late with many frantically trying to solve the puzzle and become the new masters of ‘innovation’.

Two years ago TBWA\Raad Dubai won the first gold Cannes for the Red Tomato Pizza fridge magnet in the mobile category. With a single tap of the ‘Pizza-emergency’ button you doorbell would ring moments later with your favourite Pizza delivered right in the nick of time.

Our creative boss, John Hunt, soon picked up on this and expressed the need for more Technology driven ideas. This marked a time in my career where I saw many cross-disciplined agencies go into digital overdrive. The pressure is on to add more ‘technology’ further clouding judgement and creating the expectation that consumers will simply give up there precious time to interact with these convoluted campaigns.

This made me cringe – ‘Digital’ replaced ‘social media’ as the new buzzword.

I want to lift the veil and expose some the bullshit. I tried to mute the noise and look beyond the frenzy of technology and found my answer in the original ‘digital’ campaign. There was something about this project that resonated with me, it was not the button, the bluetooth, or web the integration.

I formulated my thoughts into a model that I wanted to share with my team, but never had the chance to do so.