About Me

My name is Werner Puchert –  I completed my studies in Fine Arts as well as B.sc in Computer Science and have been working in the Digital Marketing and Advertising industry since 2004, first as developer and then expanded my focus to User Experience (UX) and Digital Creative and Experience Strategy.

I have a creative solutions driven approach to my work and balance this with a logical results-driven business acumen.

My Theory:
I am out to prove that User Experience (UX) thinking goes beyond the usability test. I believe that UX principles can be interpreted to benefit even a Strategist tasked with building marketing solutions.

My Research:
Rather than delving into “Facebook For Dummies” I believe the proof to my theory lie hidden within the pages of UX-related subject matter and I aim to document some of it right here. You can find some of the documentation I’m currently reviewing here – UX Zeitgeist

If a strategist can connect the business objectives with user goals within the correct context using UX based tools and methodologies it will result in an effective campaign and/or solution.

Testing the theory:
Mental models, personas, sketching, research through guerrilla usability testing, user experience stories, low-fidelity prototyping, IA taxonomies and UX documentation methods are just a few tools I’m currently exploring.

I’ve applied my theory on brands like SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), Neotel, Nissan SA, Unisa, TBWA, Appletizer, Standard Bank (SA, Africa and CIB), FNB, adidas and Visa to name a few.

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Side Projects:

  • I had the pleasure of hosting a podcast on Radio Johnny recently – http://johnnyholland.org/2011/04/25/radio-johnny-jason-hobbs-on-the-south-african-experience/
  • I am a longstanding member of the Information Architects Institute (IAI) and was nominated for their board in the 2010 elections.
  • I worked with my good friend @jeffparks on the UX Workshop – check out the extremely embarrassing video for that – http://vimeo.com/6929148. Jeff also invited me to write for the Follow The UX Leader Blog at www.followtheuxleader.com
  • I’m also a semi-retired South African Paintball player and the owner of  www.SAPaintball.info a website I built from scratch.  I have all but hung up my marker but the site is still my experimental playground and host of a not so regular Paintball Podcast.