What If… I Could Change The Way You Sell Your Digital Solutions?

Have you ever been in a situation where you realize that trying to be too clever might be your Achilles heel? You know that moment, mid-sentence, when you actually see the audience you’re talking to glaze over in a state of confusion, spiraling into a complete loss of interest. Frustrating, isn’t it?

If I wanted to retain any credibility as a digital strategist, I would have to find a way to break through the glaze-effect.

It didn’t take me long to identify the main culprit… Me!

Damon Stapleton (former colleague and Executive Creative Director at TBWA\ South Africa) supplied me with a few glazed-eye moments during the early parts of my career at TBWA\. It was working with him on a new business pitch that I defined an approach that has stood me well in times of “glaze” ever since.

The business we were pitching for fell into the travel & tourism category and the creative approach relied heavily on amazing images of the South African landscape.

The images spoke for themselves and we thought it might be interesting to explore how we could bring them to life.

We had the mobile strategy in place and wanted to extend the experience by tapping into the phone’s GPS and camera API. We knew we could use technology to recognise the billboard and use augmented reality to overlay and stream in additional content. We also figured out a way to connect a live image-feed, which would allow the user to look through the billboard, effectively turning it into a window into South Africa.

I was excited to get Damon’s approval. Nervous, as one gets when working with a highly-strung team, but eager to avoid the glaze-effect and win the approval of our boss, this is what we did…

As Damon walked into my office, we grabbed his attention with:

“What if we could take you there [South Africa] for 15 seconds?”

We had his fragile attention and closed the deal by visualising the experience with a simple paper prototype we stuck together before the meeting.

The words “Augmented Reality”‚ “GPS”, “API” and “Live-feed” never passed my lips. Success. Our mobile application and augmented reality contribution made it to the final pitch-presentation.

It took me some time to realise that technology and methodologies are not experiences but rather ways to enable and define them.

The words ‘What if’ have helped me avoid the techno speak ever since. It’s a way to grab attention, kick off a story and reveal the experience you’re aiming to create.

Here is the final version of our concept in a video prototype.
[Thanks to Manil Chibba who did the ani-magic :)]

This article was  first published on www.followtheuxleader.com great people, great content. They are about to take a new direction with their blog/business – it was an honor to contribute to their project and I wish ‘em all the best.

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