UX Sketching ‘papers’ for iPad’s Penultimate

I hate making text-notes, I never go back to read them and they just clutter my life. It’s just to damn structured, give me a sharpie and let me draw. One sketch per meeting is all I need.

I recently swapped my sharpie and A3 sketch-pad for an iPad and Penultimate. Developed by Cocoa Box (www.cocoa box.com), Penultimate is my favorite sketch application for the iPad and without a doubt the application I use most during the day.

I still find drawing on the iPad clunky at the best of times. Even with the Griffin stylus it still feels like the application, stylus, iPad or combination thereof, loses proper surface contact intermittently.

I’ve learnt to turn that into benefit focusing only on drawing the most important thoughts during my meetings. Less doodling!

Penultimate has been criticized for is lack of features but I’m less critical and enjoy the minimal interface. I’m very nervous of any additions that might slow the app down and I’m completely sold on the Penultimate’s slick line treatment. In fact, the only other app that comes close is uPad, and I’ve tried a few.

This brings me to the point of the post! The guys from Cocoa recently updated Penultimate and the only feature they added was the ability to use a custom image as an background on the virtual page (or paper as it is revered to by its creators).

I did not really see the use of this until I had a mini-brainfart one morning. What if could combine my love for Paper Prototyping with Penultimate?

I still have to draw rough UI sketches from time to time to explain a concept or idea to my team. I drew some inspiration from the folks at UXPin and created a Mobile and Website digital-paper for Penultimate.

The application will never replace proper paper prototyping but might just be handy during those ‘back of the napkin moments’.

To pay some homage to the folks at UXPin and show my love for the app you can grab my papers below.

Mobile Paper:
Download – http://www.werner-puchert.com/media/UXPin_Mobile_Stencil.ppr

Website Paper:
Download – http://www.werner-puchert.com/media/UXPin_Website_Stencil.ppr

Tablet (iPad) Paper:
Download – http://www.werner-puchert.com/media/UXPin_Tablet_Stencil.ppr

Social (Facebook Application) Paper:
Download – http://www.werner-puchert.com/media/UXPin_Facebook_Stencil.ppr

(If you have the application I recommend visiting the above URL’s with the iPad and then selecting the ‘Open with Penultimate’ option)

Hope you enjoy!

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  • http://twitter.com/sulcalibur Suleiman Leadbitter

    Thanks for this. Added it and using it. :)

    • http://www.werner-puchert.com Werner Puchert

      Awesome :) Thanks for the feedback.

  • http://twitter.com/arlojamrog Arlo Jamrog

    Thanks, Werner. Just picked up Penultimate and was hoping someone had done just this.

    • Werner Puchert

      Thanks for leaving a note Arlo. Enjoy sketching :)