Less baffling and more African-doing!

I’ve not been able to add much to the User Experiencnce(UX)/Information Architecture(IA) communities the last two years. Mostly in part due to the nature of the industry I work in. Digital Marketing… Yes, where deadlines, crazy short-term acquisition targets and baffling consumers with bullshit** are the norm.

One thing I am grateful for is the fact that I stayed in touch with my Canadian friend and UX-guru Jeff Parks*.

Feeling a little claustrophobic within my Marketing niche I skype’d up Jeff late last year. Jeff believes in collaboration in the true sense of the word and lives it. A key insight from that conversation was that we all have something to add when it comes to global collaboration.

As Africans we always approach global digital trends and initiatives with awe – shortly followed by disappointment because of our local constraints.

The fact is, things are happening in Africa man! We are just doing it own damn way. When u’re in the trenches you don’t always see the progress and unique African-style innovation.

Early this year (2011) Jeff dropped me a mail inviting me to host a show on Radio Johnny, an interaction design podcast.

It took a while, mostly due to me mustering up the courage to do it, but the first show is live.

I had an awesome conversation with Jason Hobbs Lead User Experience Specialist at Investec. Get the podcast here – Radio Johnny: Jason Hobbs on the South African Experience

I really believe that we have an unique digital landscape and we have some interesting stuff to share and even teach our friends across the pond.

This is an awesome opportunity for SA UX in my opinion.

Here’s to less bullshit and more collaboration!

* Jeff Parks (@jeffparks)

** I’m not always sure how successful we are at baffling consumers – but I do know that we (marketers) tend to baffle each other with a lot bullshit.

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